Regular cruises on the Danube

Sightseeing cruise Bratislava – Gabčíkovo also with the passage through the river locks

Cruise length:
12 km

Cruise duration:
6,5 h

The offer again includes a popular cruise to the Gabčíkovo Waterworks with a new restaurant and sightseeing ship Harmónia. This unique cruise lasts 6 hours and there are 3 dates to choose from in the summer months.

The intention of the builders of the Gabčíkovo Waterworks, completed in 1992, was to prevent floods and create a reliable fairway in the ever-changing Danube River. Two locks and a hydroelectric power plant were built in Gabčíkovo. The locks are situated on the left side of the river. A 10-meter wide road bridge leads over the water level. The operation of the power plant is fully automated. You can watch the whole process directly from the upper deck of the ship. Each of the locks has dimensions of 34 x 275 meters with a minimum water depth of 4.5 meters and allows ships to overcome the height difference in the range of 16 – 23 meters. Each of the locks can hold up to 299,000 m3 of water. Filling and emptying the locks takes about 30 minutes. And you can be a part too!

Cruise route and price list

Cruises take place only on specific dates (Sunday): 9. 6., 7. 7., 21. 7., 25. 8., 8. 9. 2024

Bratislava 11:00 departure
Bratislava 18:00 arrival

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Ticket prices

  • Adult 49 €
  • Child (ages 2-15)* 40 €

Information on sightseeing boats and Aquatic sphere

The cruise will take place with a minimum number of 100 passengers. A chef cooks on the ship, who will be happy to prepare a great lunch for you, and skillful bartenders will be happy to mix an iced summer drink or offer excellent coffee. Ice cream or Popsicles will be available for children.

The ticket price includes a Slovak-speaking guide / commentary during the cruise/. In the event of the ship not being crossed by the lock due to bad weather, the fare will not be refunded. During the cruise, it is possible to buy snacks, cold and hot drinks on board the Harmónia and enjoy them on the upper deck, which will provide you with wonderful views throughout the voyage.