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Trips just outside of Bratislava

Trips just outside of Bratislava

If you have more time, we will be happy to offer you excursion destinations near the capital. We will take you by ship, bus or luxury limousine, accompanied by a competent guide.

Be sure not to miss the unique Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, located on the Danube Peninsula, only 15 km from Bratislava. This unique museum of modern art offers exhibitions of domestic and international artists and is surrounded by a beautiful park with many photogenic sculptures.

Trips just outside of Bratislava

If you are not exactly a lover of art, then we invite you to Komárno, one of the oldest Slovak cities. The birthplace of the composer Franz Lehár will surely surprise you with its Courtyard of Europe, where 45 regions of Europe and their typical architecture is represented on an area of 6500 m2. There’s also a tour of the historic defensive fortress of Monostori.


Near Bratislava you will find not only the town of Hainburg, but also the Roman city of Carnumtum and the Baroque Schlosshof palace with Austria’s largest garden. This representative seat was built in 1726 by Prince Eugene of Savoy, and was inhabited at times by Empress Maria Theresa and the famous Princess Sissi. Today, visitors can admire not only non-traditional species of plants, but also fountains, statues and, in addition to horses, atypical castle animals such as camels, donkeys and a goat with three horns.

our tip

Combined trip to Devín

(boat trip + city train Blaváčik on line Bratislava – Devín – Bratislava)


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